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Sunday Champagne Brunch
        Join us in the Timbers Lounge and Showroom every Sunday for an unforgettable breakfast / lunch prepared by our Chefs.
        Give everyone in your family Sunday off and let us do the cooking, and the clean up! Sit back and enjoy everything we have to offer including Waffles and Omelets made to your specifications, as well as the many other items listed below, and we will serve you a glass of champagne to top it all off.
        This is a meal only available on Sunday and served in the Timbers Lounge and Showroom.
        Why not get out of the house this Sunday and enjoy a great meal with us. We are ready and waiting to serve you here at Hon-Dah.

Sunday Brunch Menu!
- Carved Prime Rib

- King Crab Cocktail

- Fresh Seafood Selection

- Large Selection of Breakfast Items

- Waffle Station

- Omelet Station

- Desert Station

- Chocolate Fountain
- Glass of Champagne

Seating begins at 9 am and continues until 2 pm
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